Thank You

November 9, 2018

On behalf of Oceanside farm families, the San Diego County Farm Bureau, the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce, and thousands of local taxpayers and residents, we want to thank the voters of Oceanside for protecting local farms by defeating Measure Y. This victory for the future of local agriculture would not have been possible without the […]

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Opinion: Who do you trust? The truth about Measure Y

October 26, 2018

Dustin Campbell The Coast News October 26, 2018 Ours is a big, complex world. Countless issues pop up every day that stand to affect our lives. However, with only 24 hours in a day, you and I can’t expect to become experts on each of these issues. So how do we cope? We look to […]

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Reject NIMBYism: Vote no on Oceanside’s Measure Y

October 22, 2018

The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board San Diego Union Tribune October 22, 2018 California has an awful poverty crisis fueled by a vast housing shortage that drives housing costs sky-high. The last thing this state needs is further displays of “not in my back yard” NIMBYism. But that’s just what’s going on in Oceanside, where […]

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[Commentary] Why Measure Y Hurts Farmers

October 10, 2018

Neil Nagata San Diego Union Tribune October 10, 2018 It may not seem like it, but San Diego County is a farming community. That phrase, “farming community,” may conjure up images of old-timey black and white photos of tractors tilling up huge fields in what may now be a suburban neighborhood. Yet local agriculture continues […]

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Measure Y (SOAR) Could Mean Lost Economic Opportunity for Oceanside

August 29, 2018

North County Daily Star August 29, 2018 Voters in the City of Oceanside will be asked in November 2018 to consider an initiative, commonly known as the SOAR Initiative, which would require public approval for any change in the zoning of land currently designated for agriculture or open space. Because most open space used for […]

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New study says SOAR initiative would hurt housing, jobs

June 19, 2018

Phil Diehl San Diego Union Tribune June 19, 2018 A new study by consultants for the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce takes a dim view of a November ballot measure proposed as a way to preserve the city’s dwindling agricultural industries. Commercial farming, affordable housing, agritourism and basic city services such as roads and public safety […]

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