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What is Measure Y?

Measure Y is a harmful and deceptive proposition appearing on Oceanside's November ballot.

It was written by a small group of insiders who want special treatment for their large estates. Measure Y is bad for Oceanside farmers, residents, taxpayers and businesses. Measure Y does little if anything to protect agricultural land or open space.


Measure Y would make it harder for farmers to keep farming in Oceanside. Similar measures have passed in other California communities with disastrous results.

It is ballot-box planning that takes away farmers' property rights, and would act similar to eminent domain. Measure Y restricts what farmers can do to keep their farmland in production, and this includes investments in agritourism.

Oceanside farmers would no longer have control of the necessary steps they need to take in order to keep their farmland productive and profitable.


Measure Y does not protect agricultural land. An existing city law (Article XIII. - Sec. 2.81.) already requires a public vote to allow any building on city owned parks, recreation areas, or beaches, and SOAR also doesn't give voters any tools to weigh in on developmental plans that aren't available already.

Measure Y actually allows 100% of agricultural land to be developed as expensive homes on 2.5 acre lots that only the rich can afford. Since this initiative would hurt farmers' ability to secure the financing they need to keep their operations going by taking away the value of their land, farmers' would be left with no choice but to close their farms. They may be left with no option but to close their farms and parcel out all their agricultural land for luxury estate homes.

SPONSORED BY A WEALTHY INDIVIDUAL WHO HAS A HISTORY OF limiting community prosperity and farmers' rights

Point Loma Nazarene University economist Lynn Reaser concluded Measure Y will cause “the eventual demise of active farms in Oceanside, with land either being left to go fallow or sold into large estates for the wealthy.”

Some believe that is what the proponent – who lives on a 2.5-acre estate surrounded by farmland – wants. His measure shows he cares about protecting the interests of wealthy estate owners like himself, not working farmers or the community.

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