We are a coalition

Our coalition is led by farmers, and we DO NOT support Measure Y.

Our goal is to protect Oceanside's farms, farmers, small businesses, and the community as a whole - which means that we must defeat this deceptive and harmful measure. We want to see Oceanside continue to grow and thrive as a community, so we are saying NO to Measure Y.

Oceanside farmers, taxpayers, and small business owners are dedicated to opposing Measure Y.

To learn more about what Measure Y really means for our community, please look into the facts.

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Neil Nagata
Susan Guarino
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Protect Oceanside Farmland

Join our coalition of farmers, taxpayers, local business owners and community leaders in opposing Measure Y.

Paid for by Keep Farming in Oceanside, No on Y, supported by farmers, taxpayers, residents, Nagata Brothers Farms and Mellano & Co. Committee major funding from North River Farms, Project Owner.
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