Oceanside Farmers THANK YOU For Protecting Farmland and Voting
NO on Y!

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Neil Nagata, Nagata Brothers Farms
President of the San Diego County Farm Bureau

Why Oceanside Farmers
Oppose Measure Y

There is NO preservation of agricultural land under Measure Y. It actually allows Oceanside farms to be developed as large, multi-million dollar estates on 2.5-acre lots.

And with far-reaching new rules for farmers, it limits the options we can use to stay in business.

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Experts Agree: Measure Y Will Hurt Oceanside

The Initiative would likely lead to the eventual demise of active farms in Oceanside, with land either being left to go fallow or sold into large estates for the wealthy.

Lynn Reaser, Economist,
Point Loma Nazarene University

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Measure Y Proponent's Questionable Motives

Measure Y's official proponent lives on a 2.5-acre estate surrounded by farmland. His measure - and the impacts it will create - shows he cares about protecting wealthy estate owners like himself, not working farmers or the community.

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Thank You

November 9, 2018

On behalf of Oceanside farm families, the San Diego County Farm Bureau, the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce, and thousands of […]Read More

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Protect Oceanside Farmland

Join our coalition of farmers, taxpayers, local business owners and community leaders in opposing Measure Y.

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